How Come My Car Insurance Rates Keep Going Up}

Submitted by: Geo Clark

Every year without notice, it seems that my car insurance keeps going up. This year I went up $50 over an incident of fixing a dent that occurred driving through some hard snow from Reno to Sacramento. Everything new that comes on affects your insurance for three years. You normally find this out when you see an increase. One year, I went from $115 per month to $300 a month. I made a rolling right turn on a red light as I was in the clear. The law was that I needed to come to a complete stop then turn right.

I guess I was in a hurry. If I came to a complete stop, I would have had to wait for a lot of traffic on a high traffic street. Needless to say, the ticket is bad enough. After you throw in the insurance increase, it added over $2k a year to my insurance costs. I need to stop rambling here. One point that I am trying to make is to understand how driving impacts your overall expenses and costs.

Remember, that just about every claim from comprehensive to collision will affect you in multiple ways.


If I hit another car, I still want my car fixed. For my car insurance, I have a $500 deductible. Initially, I am out of pocket $500 if I file claim. If I do not do anything, my car stays damaged and there are no changes. If I get the car fixed without filing an insurance claim, there are no changes. Of course, what is the purpose of having car insurance if you are not going to use it. So, I file the claim. Now, it costs me $500 and potentially an increase in my car insurance.

Of course, there is one good accident scenario that does not increase costs. That is if there is a good accident. If someone hits my car and I am not at fault, it is highly likely that it will not impact my car insurance or driving record. I dont have to file the claim with my insurance company. It is filed through the other persons insurance company. This does not affect my wallet. Unfortunately, this happened to me in 2005. My car was totaled in a parking lot at work. The gentleman that hit me filed the claim but my car was totaled. At that time, I do not remember any insurance companies offering new car replacement value as part of the policy. Although, I did not have to file a claim, I did not receive enough money to replace the car. I had to get it fixed so that it would run okay. I bought a new car about 10 months later after saving up some money. Overall, that was a bummer.

The morale of this story is certainly to be the safest driver you can be. Also, make sure your insurance coverage is complete and gives you the coverage that you need. With that being said, call them and check to see what car replacement riders your policy has or can have. You have nothing to lose.

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