2021-22 Sunshine Coast Cricket Association Grand Finals get mixed results due to wet fields

Monday, March 14, 2022

Cricket Grand Finals on Australia’s Sunshine Coast had mixed results due to the state of the playing fields. Many grounds were still too wet to play on after heavy rain the week prior and smaller showers since.

The first weekend of the top grade Grand Final was completely abandoned after the Read Park ground was deemed to wet. Caboolture made the trip north on Sunday but accepted that no play was possible at about 2 pm.

Tewantin Noosa’s Jarrod Officer said: “We were obviously really keen to get out and have a game of cricket, but yeah, we just had so much rain up there and another sort of 5 mills overnight just meant the outfield was just saturated. So yeah, shame not planning cricket all weekend, but hopefully we can get on for some cricket next weekend.”

Tewantin Noosa Division 6 side travelled to the University of the Sunshine Coast for that grade’s contest against USC. No play was possible on Saturday. An overnight shower and persistent cloud cover delayed the start of play until about 3:30.

The Thunder won the toss and chose to bowl. 32 overs were scheduled for the remainder of the day.At stumps USC were 27 for the loss of 2 wickets off 41 overs.

With 112 over scheduled for next week the Thunder need at least a first innings result in their favour to take the premiership. Any other result and USC are premiers.

USC batter / wicket keeper Travis Bell said: “It was a tough all day. It was a real tough day just sitting arround. I think it was 6 hours by the time we finally got on, and it was just hard to try and get up for it after sitting around for so long.

“We ended up having a few overs so, but even got what, 40 odd overs in. something like that. So at least you got some sort of play in. So it is what it is. Can’t help the weather.”


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