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Ways In Slimming Down The Healthy Way

By Doyle Christensen

Slimming down healthily necessitates commitment, discipline and a weight management plan. If you want to lose weight and keep away the fats forever, you will need to consume healthy meals, increase your water intake and work out regularly. When you do it the healthy way, you will have improved well-being and be able to sustain this state. When you go for a crash or fad diet or any other unhealthful weight loss program, you may see quick but temporary results.

To lose weight healthily, take in at least 8 tall glasses of water every day. Water is essential in slimming down because it helps the body in metabolizing food to energy. To burn fats and calories, the body must be hydrated. Water also assists the body in digesting food consumed. When you drink water frequently, you will feel full thus satisfying your hunger pangs and eating less.

Dieting properly is also important to lose weight. This involves eating 5 to 6 small meals a day instead of the usual 3 large meals. When you eat steadily during the day, your blood sugar levels are maintained as your metabolism rate quickens. Your meals must include lean protein, whole grains, vegetables and fruits. Foods that have so much salt will make your body retain water and bloat thus you must avoid them.


The next thing to do when slimming down is to have a food journal and to jot down everything you eat, the time you ate and the feelings when eating. The goal is to know your eating habits and to determine if you undergo emotional eating and the triggering factors behind this.

You should also exercise regularly, 3 to 5 times per week, if you wish to slim down and maintain proper weight. Have a workout schedule incorporating thirty minutes of strength training and another thirty minutes of cardiovascular exercises. You can start with brisk walking which is an exercise with low impact if you are an inactive person. Slowly switch to more rigorous cardio workouts such as jogging, running or any other arduous exercise so as to heighten metabolic rate and then burn off calories.

Do strength training exercises not less than twice weekly so as to toughen your muscles. After a workout, muscles repair themselves and this can be done when you burn calories. Your goal must be to substitute fat with muscles for you to slim down.

You must set small weight goals every week in a given time frame instead of one big goal. This will help you achieve them easily and then motivate you every time you attain these goals. If you have overwhelming and unrealistic goals, you may fail to achieve them thus you would get frustrated and give up on your plan to lose weight. Stay away from attempting to slim down in a short duration. Remember that losing weight quickly produces fleeting and unhealthy results.

Burning fat in your body to slim down is possible and when slimming is done in a healthy way, you can maintain your ideal body weight always.

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