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Increase Transaction Speed With A Panini Scanner From Unilink Inc.

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Within the financial field, technology that improves the speed and efficiency of an organization acts as the central component of that organization’s operations. For companies who require scanning equipment that will increase transaction speed and improve image quality, one specialist provider is available to take their call with their resounding catalogue which features the very latest and most cutting-edge scanner products from Panini, Burroughs, Digital Check and other specialist manufacturers.

UniLink Inc. specializes in providing their clients with high quality, budget-friendly financial services equipment. They’ve been a key industry supplier since their creation in 1988 and have grown as an organization to offer a plethora of parallel services alongside their diverse equipment offering. The company’s suite of customer services includes equipment repair, training webinars as well as innovative e-commerce solutions that offer clients a way to streamline their customers’ online ordering process.

When a client contacts UniLink requesting more information about a product within their catalogue, they will be greeted with one of the company’s specialist customer service representatives who each have a high degree of knowledge concerning how UniLink’s products can be implemented within a modern workplace infrastructure. This level of knowledge ensures that customers are able to make an informed purchase decision and means that they receive a product that is directly suited to their particular working environment.


Within the UniLink catalogue, clients will find a wide array of solutions designed to meet their exact working requirements. In terms of scanning solutions the selection offered through UniLink is second to none. Consider for example the plethora of Panini Scanner products the company sells, such as the Panini Vision X 1F Check Scanner, which is an entry-level product designed for organizations that have a low volume of check scanning to complete within their day-day operations and require high quality MICR readings. The product is designed to offer a highly robust and scalable solution that will help companies to consolidate their operating expenditure and minimize both read errors and manual intervention from company personnel. In addition, the Panini Vision X 1F scanner is fitted with two internal cameras which ensure that users can capture the front and the rear of an image in one single pass.

As the Panini Vision X 1F scanner is compatible with the complete Vision X product line, it offers organizations the ability to upgrade their scanning capabilities in terms of speed, printing configurations and document feeding at any point should their transaction volumes increase, ensuring the very best in high performance scalability.

Designed for the needs of small businesses utilizing remote deposit capture (RDC), the Panini scanner, I: Deal, is ideal for those who may lack familiarity with check processing. The product’s intuitive design and innovative capabilities such as document franking and MICR and OCR reading ensure that companies are positioned perfectly for RDC success.

To offer true value-for-money the Panini I-Deal is able to scan a wide array of documents thanks to its in-built wide feeding area and integrated diagnostics which allow users to quickly resolve difficulties with the product’s functionality.

When you contact UniLink Inc, you’ll speak directly to a highly trained team member who understands the market inside and out and is ready and able to help you integrate the latest scanning hardware within your specific working environment. Call their offices today to learn more about the affordable solutions on offer through the UniLink Inc. catalogue.

About UniLink:

UniLink Inc. is the leading provider of financial printing equipment in the United States. Thanks to its partnerships with the leading manufacturers in the industry, the company is ideally positioned to provide businesses of varying sizes with innovative hardware that will directly meet their distinct operational requirements. For more information, please go to Unilinkinc.

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