Improve Your Business Or Property With Asphalt Paving In Columbus

byAlma Abell

One of the most important tools for growing your business is it’s image. People tend to make snap judgments about other people and the places they intend to shop or otherwise take care of the necessities of life. This means that you have mere seconds to catch their attention and make a lasting impression. If part of that impression is a grungy parking area then you could be losing customers without even realizing it. Of course, you can avoid this problem with clean and fresh Asphalt Paving in Columbus.


In technical terms asphalt is a version of concrete where concrete is defined as any composite material or aggregate held together with a binding material. In some cases the material is Portland cement, an epoxy blend or the bitumen mixture we call asphalt. This asphalt mixture is typically used for parking surfaces, road coverings and even household driveways. It provides a very durable product that is easy to repair and often needs very little preparation before the asphalt is laid down. Typically, the ground will be leveled, oiled and covered with a layer of aggregate that gets packed into place. After this is allowed to settle the asphalt covering will be installed.

Asphalt, or blacktop as it is commonly called provides a nice, smooth surface which also gives an excellent grip against rubber tires. This is one reason that asphalt is preferred for road surfaces in many parts of the country. Plus, once the asphalt is in place it can be sealed against the elements which helps the product maintain it’s excellent driving surface for several years. Asphalt is less rigid than Portland cement based concrete which is yet another reason it is preferred for many road surfacing projects. If the base under the asphalt shifts you end up with a crack in the covering instead of a completely broken road.

asphalt paving in Columbus is also the preferred choice for most parking lots for several reasons. First, it is easily refinished by applying a new surface coat. Second, it can be quickly resealed which gives the asphalt a fresh clean look. Third, asphalt is easily replaced which makes refurbishing your parking lot, driveway or company entrance much more affordable. Plus, asphalt is easily repaired whenever your paved surface gets a pothole or other problem.