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How To Find Acting Classes In Nyc

Submitted by: Bill Burton

Aspiring actors flock to New York City, and it s easy to see why. Arguably the cultural capital of the world, New York offers many advantages to any actor looking to build a successful acting career. But before heading off to auditions, it s always recommended that actors hone their craft by taking acting classes. Acting classes in NYC are many and varied no matter what sort of class you re looking for, you ll definitely be able to find it in the Big Apple. Here s a guide on how to find acting classes in New York City.

Search for classes on is probably your best bet to find NYC classes, acting or otherwise. Its online listing allows you to search for classes by time, price, and neighborhood, so you can filter out any courses that don t suit your needs. Once you’ve decided on a class, you can enroll for the course directly through the site. It’s pretty convenient.


For kids and teens, look into summer acting camps

For youngsters looking to explore acting, attending NYC summer acting camps is a great way to gain exposure to the acting world. Schools like the New York Film Academy and the School of Cinema and Performing Arts offer great summer programs for young people looking for a first taste of the acting world.

Check out local theaters and venues

If you re looking to start an acting career in New York City, chances are that you ve discovered some of your own favorite theaters and performance venues. Next time you go to see a show, check out the venue s posting boards local acting schools often post advertisements for upcoming classes. While not all local theaters allow acting schools to advertise, many certainly do, so it can t hurt to check them out!

Inquire at the theatre departments of local colleges

Given NYC s support of the performing arts, many people interested in acting choose to attend college in New York City. The theatre departments of NYC colleges provide an invaluable resource for students looking to take acting classes. Schools like Marymount Manhattan College, Pace University, NYU, and Columbia, in addition to offering their own acting classes to students enrolled in their theatre programs, also put up advertisements for local acting classes on their posting boards.

Try Google or CraigsList

While it may seem obvious, a simple search on Google or CraigsList is an easy way to create a large list of NYC acting schools and classes. Nearly every acting school has a website, and many also post their listings on CraigsList. But, while searches on websites like Google and CraigsList can generate many hits, it is difficult to filter the search results or verify the quality of the courses, which means you ll probably spend a lot of time browsing through the options. All the same, if you ve got the time to search, then Google or CraigsList might be the way to go.

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