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Flying Cheap On Air France

By Lisa Steinway

Air France is one of the world’s oldest and largest airlines. One can fly anywhere in the world on Air France and its partner, KLM. Together they fly to all destinations. From North America, Air France will take you to Paris or Amsterdam, where you can make connections to anywhere in the world. Air France began flying in 1936, and was a pioneer in transatlantic flights. Along with a long history of flight, Air France has a mystique of style and elegant service. Food is known to be superb on transatlantic flights, and the comforts offered make flying a pleasure. There are many ways to fly cheap on Air France.

If you are looking to book a flight on Air France, start at an online discount travel site. There are many on the internet. You will find a variety of fares on these sites, and the best deals available.

The advantage of an online discount travel site is that they will search many airlines at the same time, saving you the time and effort of going to one site after another and typing in the same information over and over. An online discount travel site will deliver fares and schedules from many airlines so you can easily compare, and find the price and schedule that suits your plans.


If you are flexible and patient, you will find the best deals. Air France has specials on their website, and an e-news that you can subscribe to. It is a good idea to subscribe to several from various travel sites to stay on top of price trends and seat sales as they occur. By tracking your desired flight, you will be able to recognize a great price when it comes along, and book it. Don’t hesitate when you see that terrific deal, because they sell out quickly and you don’t want to miss it. Some online travel sites will offer price-drop guarantees. If you book with them and the price drops, they will honor the difference and refund or give you credit on your next trip.

Be flexible on your travel dates. A day or two one way or the other can make a big difference in the fare you pay. Weekdays are less expensive to fly than weekends, and shoulder season, or off-peak is also less expensive, whether you are flying Air France or domestic airlines. Visiting a tourist destination off-peak can be more relaxing, too. There will be fewer crowds at attractions, restaurants won’t be as busy, and hotels and accommodations will likely have off-peak rates, too.

If your dates are not flexible, you will probably find more favorable fares if you travel early morning flights, or late evening, or overnight flights. These are harder to book, and can offer real bargains if you’re up for it. Sleeping on a plane is possible, and when you get to your destination, you will probably have time to relax and refresh. Find an online discount travel site that gives you the options you want, and you will find yourself having an affordable holiday.

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